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Choose Your Favorite Coffee

Tasting notes: Expect notes of cured pipe tobacco, and even a pronounced acidity to balance its thick texture and generous body.

Sumatra - Women in coffee

  • Wet-hulled, from the Indonesian island of Sumatra. This coffee is all about body and rich, exotic flavours to transport you to the moist tropical highlands it grows in. This wacky exotic taste comes from a processing method that Sumatran farmers developed to dry coffee quicker in their very rainy climate. They pulp, ferment and wash their coffees as if they were going to do a traditional washed process. Next, however, instead of waiting for the seeds to dry before peeling their parchment skin, they hull it when it is still wet and soft, and dry it naked in the sun. The resulting rich taste – once you’ve had it – is unmistakable and idiosyncratically Sumatran.

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