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Why I roast the way I do: a tribute to Peets.

There’s a lot of opinions out there that say only light roasts express the pure nature and origin interest of a coffee. I’ve got my own point of view on this and it’s a pretty strong one. I’ve spent a lifelong career tasting coffee that are interesting…. fascinating even. This is my world and I love it. But when I drink a coffee, I want it to be delicious, not interesting. While I don’t roast as dark as my idols at Peet’s (in truth, mine would be more of a medium roast), still, I like to put a bit of muscle into my craft. I aim to harmonise a coffee’s aromatics with its body and inherent acidity. I find it unpalatable when one or the other dominates. Harmony is tasty, especially in an espresso. I make an exception to this approach with my Brazil which, as lower-grown bean is softer and requires a very gentle touch to bring out its nutty, vanilla-tinged notes.

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