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"Crop to Cup: Coffee conversations" your next book about coffee

Don’t get caught out at the last-minute wondering what to give your coffee-loving friends for Christmas. We’ve got the perfect stocking stuffer for you.

This book is the story of the little coffee bean’s voyage through time.

Your journey begins with dancing goats in Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. It moves on to religious conflict in the port of Mocca, which at one time was the world’s only source of coffee. Western countries next enter the scene, spreading precious coffee plants throughout their colonies, first to Java and Ceylon, then to the Caribbean, Africa and Central America. It is a tale of romance and intrigue, but one with an underbelly of suffering and exploitation whose dark history still shapes the world today.

The second stage of the journey begins in coffee plantations and ends in your local coffee shop. On the way, the author introduces you to the people –growers, millers, merchants, roasters, and retailers - who make this miraculous journey possible. They share their love of the world’s favourite drink and explain how the little bean changes from bright red coffee cherries to light green beans, and then to dark brown, aromatic roasted coffee. It is a fascinating story.

Author Jonathan Kingsman spent nearly forty years in the commodity business as a trader, a broker, and finally, as an analyst. He retired from the markets in 2016 and is now an author and blogger.

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