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Our storage jar ? Fresh coffee and less waste!

Upcycle this : we try to do our bit to avoid waste, but the reality is, or one-way valve bags are the best method for guarding coffee’s freshness. They prevent exposure to the oxygen that deteriorates quality. So, we’ll keep using them.

But if you want to go the extra mile, we once again have double valve coffee storage jars in stock! These 250-gram size storage containers are just large enough to hold the extra 10 grams we’ll gift you when you bring them back for a refill at the Carouge Market on Saturday mornings, or to the roastery. Simply give us a heads-up warning in advance so we can roast your preferred coffee and have it available in bulk.

Together, let’s do our bit! And if you don’t know what to give a coffee-lover as a Christmas present, this is a clever, useful item. Available now on our e-shop by clicking here :)

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