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Why "Sweet Bean"?

There’s a reason we called ourselves Sweet Bean Coffee: a triple entendre that has to do with the meaning of my name in my father’s language. Shirin means “sweet” in Persian, that’s reason one. Second, I believe a well-sourced and well-roasted high-quality coffee should be delicious enough to be drunk on its own, with no sugar or milk added. And, last, my childhood nickname was Bean, as it rhymed with Shirin. And, because I was always small, I was a Little Bean. It rather sealed my destiny as ending in up in the coffee bean business!

Another secret about me, maybe also destined by my name, is that I have an incorrigible sweet tooth. In fact, I have a sinful confession to make: I love eating chocolate with my coffee for breakfast! I mean, I love chocolate.

So, our new collaboration with the Carouge chocolatier, Maison de Rohr, is especially exciting to me since it allows me to indulge my sweet tooth, pretending it’s work. Nicole Rohr and her team of craftsmen tasted a range of different Sweet Bean coffees, blended with three different chocolates: dark, milk and white.

The consensus settled on Guatemala Huehuetenango coffee, crushed to bits and sprinkled over milk and white chocolate bars. We found this proportion just right for marrying the rich coffee notes with the sweetness of Sao Tome and South American-based chocolates. The crunch of the coffee contrasts irresistibly with the creamy texture of the chocolates.

To be sure we cover our bases, we’re offering two 50-gram bars in a milk and white chocolate pairing at CHF 10. Ideal for a gift with 250-grams of any coffee but let’s be honest, wouldn’t you rather just eat them yourself? I certainly would! Paired with the woodsy, tropical forest notes of Sulawesi, or the chocolatey notes of new crop Huehuetenango Guatemala, Sweet Bean Rohr chocolate bars are utterly, temptingly, irresistibly delicious.

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