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Women in Coffee, a new blend

Quality is the first requirement when I choose a coffee. But, all things being equal, if I can find the quality I need, produced by women farmers, then that will be my first choice.

Enter center stage: my new Women in Coffee blend, a mix of two origins. From Chiapas, Mexico, Bella Vista is produced by a group of women farmers led by the extraordinary Rosalba Cifuentes. Complementing the cinnamon, chocolatey notes of this coffee is a juicy, fruity cup from Huila, Colombia. Here, a group of female coffee farmers have joined forces to promote their coffee together.

Often, women in coffee-producing countries don’t have access to the same opportunities and resources as men, so they find it difficult to get ahead, even where their coffee is more carefully produced. In addition to offering a delicious cup, I want this coffee to help women succeed.

A last tribute to one very young woman in coffee:

The talented 13-year-old Maria Piterskikh was inspired to draw this beautiful picture of a woman farmer after studying my photos from coffee origin countries.

I hope you find the coffee as delicious as the story is beautiful. I do. I haven’t been drinking anything else since completing the blend two weeks ago!

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